Health Effects from Cell Phones

wave head

The dangers of electromagnetic radiation became apparent after World War II, when certain diseases started appearing with greater frequency among WWII radar personnel. Since then, the science and medical communities have produced a crush of evidence that exposure to radio frequencies is linked to cancers, brain tumors, lymphomas, headaches, melanomas, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, high-blood pressure, and brain damage.

More than 2,000 scientific studies have been conducted to analyze the effects of cell phone use and/or ELF, a sampling of what’s been discovered:

  • Fatigue, headaches and burning sensations on the skin can begin after as little as two minutes of cell phone use. And the symptoms are more common among users who make long calls. (Source: Sweden’s National Institute on Working Life, in the world’s largest study to date.)
  • Cell phone radiation directly alters cell function and causes an increase in blood pressure. Subjects’ blood pressure increased 5-10 mm Hg – which may be enough to trigger a stroke or heart attack in someone at severe risk. (Source: The Lancet, a British medical journal)
  • Cell phone radiation can triple the number of chromosome abnormalities in human blood cells. (Source: Dr. George Carlo, chairman of the Wireless Technology Research, a research group founded and sponsored by the wireless industry, in a study conducted at Stanford University.
  • Mobile phone users absorb a significant amount of microwave energy – the type that can cook tissue – in their eyes and eye sockets, brain, nose, tongue and surrounding muscles. (Source: The UK’s National Radiological Protection Board.)
  • Mobile phones may alter memory and interfere with concentration and spatial awareness … in other words, your cell phone may literally scramble your thoughts. (Source: Research sponsored by the Department of Health at Bristol Royal Infirmary in western England.)
  • Long-term microwave exposure may increase the chances of brain tumors by 1,000%. Seven Eastern-U.S. industries that exposed workers to microwaves were investigated. Researchers documented a tenfold increase in brain tumors among employees who had twenty years of on-the-job microwave exposure. (Source: The National Cancer Institute in the U.S.)
  • As compared with non-users, mobile phone users have a 3.7 times greater risk of auditory nerve damage … and a 2.5 greater chance of developing a brain tumor on the same side of the head on which they listen to their cell phones. (Source: oncology professor Dr. Lennart Hardell.)
  • Digital cellular phone microwaves produce a 40% increase in the activity of the cancer-related enzyme ODCI. (Source: Bioelectromagnetics. )
  • Mice exposed to pulsed digital phone radiation over 18 months had an almost two-and-a-half times higher risk of developing lymphatic cancer than unexposed mice. They may just be furry rodents, but their bodies react as the human body does to radiation. (Source: a research study sponsored and “quietly” released by Australia’s cellular industry.)
  • Low-level RF radiation decreases certain chemical agents that are essential for spatial learning. In this experiment, the rats had difficulty learning a maze after 45 minutes of exposure to the radiation. (Source: Dr. Henry Lai at Washington University.)
  • Your chance of developing brain cancer increases by 26% if you’ve used a mobile phone for up to ten years … by 77% if you have 10+ years of use. (Source: oncology professor Dr. Lennart Hardell.)

After an extensive review of the 2,000+ studies on the effects of EMF radiation that had been conducted to date, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences concluded “extremely low frequency EMFs should be regarded as possible carcinogens.”