Understanding Our Technology

How do our technologies work? How do we know they're effective? We're dedicated to bringing our discoveries out of the laboratory and into people's everyday lives. The realm of healing and subtle energy is an area of incredible innovation and promise. But it’s also a space filled with confusing and dubious claims, so it’s important to ask questions and seek proof.

When you're talking about invisible things like electromagnetic fields and radiation, it can be hard to understand how our solutions work. With our proprietary technology, subtle energy patterns are permanently programmed into a range of products, each addressing EMFs and other toxins for specific situations. Here you'll find detailed descriptions of how our technology is designed and how it works to keep your environment safe.


Understanding Our Technology

The intricate science behind our products is clarified. Key scientific principles behind the SafeSpace technology are explained. Answers to why and how these innovations restore coherence and balance to the environment and the body. Read more.

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Testing Our Products

What effective testing of subtle energy involves: qualitative and quantitative. This section will clarify the types of testing methodologies we utilize and link you to the research papers from independent researchers and laboratories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to a broad spectrum of questions that will clarify the principles behind the creation and use of our SafeSpace product line. Details on why our products work so effectively are explained. Read more.