The SafeSpace Journey to Build Superior EMF Protection Products.

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How can people lead healthy, productive lives when their environments are becoming more and more toxic all the time?

This was the question Dimensional Design Products founder Joyce Culkin asked over two decades ago. Culkin was especially concerned about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the harmful radiation associated with them.

As an inventor, Culkin combined her expertise in energy healing with a background as an industrial designer adept at blending form, usability, engineering and more to solve problems. With unique insights—and new ideas for solutions—she went to work testing ideas and collaborating with researchers and others, applying principles of quantum mechanics and subtle energies. Over time, she made an exciting discovery:


Blocking, shielding and fighting dangerous fields doesn't work.

The old thinking about how to deal with harmful electromagnetic radiation was just plain ineffective. However, when a higher harmonic or transcendental pattern was coupled with a dangerous EMF, the field itself was transformed into a beneficial, life-enhancing field.

Laboratory and clinical testing began to confirm and support this exciting discovery. What’s more, further testing showed that these subtle energy technologies could go beyond neutralization, to transform EMFs into beneficial energy for the body.

The SafeSpace line of products was developed out of these discoveries. Since then, the company has engaged in continuing research and development of a range of applications for the use of subtle energetic products.


Qualitative vs. quantitative testing

SafeSpace products work by altering the quality of a field rather than its quantity, or strength. Although the results can be shown by conventional testing on humans (e.g. DNA before and after results), biological tests only show part of the picture. So, even though EMF readings in an area may be just as "strong" with the use of SafeSpace products, they field has been transformed from harmful to beneficial.

To test our products' impact on the field itself, we also utilize qualitative testing methods capable of detecting changes on higher subtle energy planes—changes that traditional scientific instrumentation, with its focus on gross electromagnetic quantity, cannot pick up.


Today SafeSpace is respected worldwide for pioneering research and products.

Thousands of people worldwide use SafeSpace innovations to restore harmony and vitality to their environments -- their homes, workplaces and lives.

With our proprietary technology, subtle energetic "information” from a wide spectrum of selected harmonic frequencies is transferred and permanently programmed into a range of products—each addressing EMFs and other toxins for specific situations.

Our goal continues to be to raise awareness about EMFs and other toxins, and to create products that help heal the body by healing the environment that surrounds it.