Electrostress from Computers and Laptops


You probably are reading this on a computer. In fact, you probably spend hours every day in front of your computer. But that exposes you to potential health risks from EMFs emanating from both your computer itself and your monitor.


EMFs and Radiation from Your Computer

Your computer, whether it is a desktop or a laptop, emits EMFs. The closer you are to the computer, the stronger the electromagnetic field. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) don’t only come from your computer screen. The electronics inside your computer generate a powerful EMF.


Close Proximity of EMFs

It’s been shown that EMF strength decreases with distance. Studies have shown that exposure above two milliGauss (mG) can begin to harm biological organisms. At a distance of three feet, you probably are above that level of exposure. If you are four inches or less away – such as when you are holding your laptop on your lap – your exposure might be as high as 20 mG. This level of exposure has been linked to many problems, from fatigue to immune suppression to cancer.


laptop heat on body

Computer radiation is at its fullest strength on the lap.


Laptop Radiation & Male Infertility

The use of laptops (especially when situated on the lap near the reproductive organs) has been connected to male infertility (Journal of Human Reproduction). Theories why include the heat from the machine itself on the scrotum, or radiation from the EMF at such a close distance.

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