EMF Protection for the Body While Traveling

Motor Vehicles and EMF Dangers

Cars, motorcycles, trains and planes create their own EMFs. To make matters worse, highways often run alongside high-voltage power lines and pass close to cell phone towers, laying even more layers of EMFs on travelers. Hybrid cars can cause even higher levels of EMFs. The EMFs are caused in part by electrical processes. Hybrids have much more electronics than do traditional cars.


Air Travel EMF

Few frequent fliers realize the amount of radiation they’re exposed to with every trip. In fact, a 3.5-hour flight at altitudes of 30,000 feet or higher can expose your to a greater level of radiation than a chest x-ray! Airports are also a site of significant radiation, with ever more sensitive body scanners, metal detectors, moving sidewalks, monitors and more.


Magnetic Fields in Aircraft Are Generated from:
  • the jet engine itself
  • cockpit computers
  • electronic sensors
  • communications equipment
  • electrical wiring throughout the cabin
  • high levels of static electricity generated in the fuselage

Inside airline


Random measurements taken inside planes in-flight reveal dangerous radiation, sometimes exceeding 50 mG (compare that with .5-2.5 mG, the amount the EPA deems safe.) The highest radiation levels are generally found near the walls and floors.


Jetlag Causes

Our bodies and even our hormones function with their own natural electromagnetic fields, regulating our biochemical processes and connecting us to the world around us. What people call jetlag is often the body’s own systems being jangled. Flying disorders homeostasis, affecting people on physical, subtle body, emotional, mental and even spiritual levels.
The earth has a powerful natural magnetic field, too — often expressed as a grid or lines. When we speed across the earth’s magnetic grid in an aircraft, the polarities and systems of the body can become scrambled — especially when the plane is moving east to west or west to east. Flying is also stressful to the body’s biological and seasonal clocks.

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