5G Health Dangers & Health Effects

5g dangers

5G is the latest generation in mobile broadband technology servicing both cellular and wireless systems. Expanding the efficiency of 3G and 4G networks, 5G applies EHF (extremely high frequency) bands to transfer signals to our phones and other wireless devices. Relying upon these superior and innovative broadband frequencies, 5G can process enormous amounts of data at lightning fast speeds thereby galvanizing the industry standard for wireless communications.

The past decade has shown an exponential increase in society’s dependence on wireless technology. The current infrastructure however is not sufficient to accommodate this upsurge. Dated technology is resulting in overall slower and unstable connections. 5G’s use of EHF offers the answer in the form of instantaneous download/upload capability, allowing unprecedented amounts of data transference at speeds 100 times faster than that of 4G. The potential of 5G is truly unknown: 5G can enable unlimited applications from automated automobiles to household appliances redefining entire industries.


Intensity of High Frequency Exposure

The infrastructure of 5G is radically different. Both 3G and 4G employ radio waves which are transferred from one large cell phone tower to another. Since radiation dissipates with distance, risk is reduced if you are not in direct proximity to the source. The high frequencies used in 5G have short range and are limited in their ability to penetrate obstacles and dense materials. Therefore they require a preponderance of mini portable base stations that will be placed every 300 yards or so to form a dense platform that relays signals from one station to the next. These cell sites can be easily placed on existing buildings and telephone polls creating an intricate and unrelenting background of electromagnetic energy.



5G Health Effects & Radiation Exposure
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A growing body of research affirms electromagnetic fields (EMF) produce adverse health conditions. The concern of 5G is the danger inherent in increased speed and the amount of radiation exposure once it is implemented. Proven negative impact upon the body starts at 6GHz. 5G uses broad spectrum bands in the 30GHz to 300GHz range. Close proximity and prolonged exposure to cell sites intensify the risk. Transmitter boxes stationed outside your window make EMF impossible to avoid. Additionally the number of network antennas needed to facilitate this upcoming surge is estimated to leap from 300,000 as of 2016 to millions of small cell transmitter as the use expands. Increased too will be the amount of low orbit 5G satellites that deliver focused beams of micro-wave frequency signals to everything from network stations to automated automobiles.

5G Health Risk Concerns & Recent EMF Research

In 2017 a petition was signed and presented to the United Nations calling for a moratorium on the implementation of 5G due to health risks. Presented by a collective of more than 180 doctors from 35 countries, this international plea was part of a resulting investigation on the biological and health risks of EMF radiation initiated in 2015. Findings cited an increased risk for cancer, cellular stress, genetic damage, pre-mature aging, reproductive problems and neurological disorders. Further groundbreaking research by biochemistry professor and EMF radiation expert Dr. Martin Pall cited the following potential health effects: blindness, hearing loss or deafness, male infertility, nervous system disorders, thyroid and immune system dysfunction and low blood oxygenation. Furthermore Dr. Pall warns that the impact on humans, however dire could be even greater on animals, plants and undermine entire ecosystems.

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While 5G may enhance our quality of life the price we pay may be dear. New technologies often appear in the United States without responsible research only to later discover the consequences are dire. Wireless technology is a relatively recent phenomenon. Despite reassurance to the contrary the truth is we just don’t know how it affects our health, our well being, or our environment. Personal health, safety and individual care often play second fiddle to the intoxicating promise technological upgrades offer. Since 5G is inevitable, it is best to be informed, educate others and promote community awareness. In an increasingly challenging world the responsibility to safeguard our health lies with us.

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