4 D-Tox Baths to Neutralize Radiation

Remove external radiation or pollutants from your body.

Are you concerned about the microscopic residue that x-rays, other radiation, fallout and environmental poisons may be leaving on your skin? “Detoxification baths” can help remove external radiation or pollutants. Follow these quick steps to prepare a soothing and ultra-cleansing “detox” bath in the comfort of your own home.


Sea Salt & Soda Bath

The Sea Salt and Soda bath is one of the most effective baths for detoxifying the body from chemicals and countering the effects of radiation.

Directions: Fill a bathtub to a normal bathing depth with water (preferably filtered or purified) as hot as can be comfortably tolerated. For a sea salt and soda bath, add one pound of baking soda and then one pound of salt, preferably sun-dried sea salt or salt from a deep mine. (Rock salt is not as effective, and ordinary iodized table salt, depleted of other minerals, is ineffective.)

Keep as much of the body submerged as possible for twenty to fifty minutes for the best results. When your bath is completed drain the tub and take a short shower to wash off the soda, salt and various pollutants. Clean the tub to thoroughly eliminate any residual pollutants.

Tips: To prevent feeling tired and drained afterwards and to help revitalize yourself, drink a total of at least two cups of water before, during and after the bath. For most people, a detox bath is needed only once every two or three days. If you are exposed to a daily source of radiation or external pollutants, you could take a ten-to-fifteen minute bath daily. Only one person should use the bath before the tub is drained and cleaned. Prepare a fresh bath for each additional person who wishes to bathe.


More Therapeutic Baths

Vinegar Bath: Designed to eliminate uric acid from the body. Put two quarts of apple cider vinegar in body-temperature water. Soak for 45 minutes. Get out of the tub and rest for 30 minutes. Return to the same water for another 45 minutes, warming the water if necessary.

Bentonite Powder Soak: According to some sources, Bentonite Clay has been successful in dealing with “toxicity” (diseased and dying cells entering the blood stream). In addition to toxicity, many have gotten relief from swelling and poor circulation using a Bentonite soak. Mix 1 - 2 pounds of powder with water to make a paste. Continue adding water to dissolve the powder. Add to tub of water and soak for one hour. Repeat as often as desired or needed.

Clorox Bath: Designed to neutralize the vibrations of aluminum poisoning. Use approximately one teacupful of Clorox per bathtub of body temperature water. Stay immersed about 25 minutes. Drain the tub and wash the body with soap and fresh water. Only the Chlorox brand should be used – no substitutes. The homeopathic formula, Alumina, is also available.

Sea Salt Soda Rub: After x-rays, try a sea salt and soda rub. Fill a paper sack with equal parts of baking soda and sea salt, and rub the bag over the area that was x-rayed for a couple of minutes. Discard the sack and contents. Optional: add a few drops of essential oils of Melaleuca and Melrose.