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We planted several GeoResonators around an area that had cell towers and around our home with smart meters around us that were bothering us. Now the fields are calm and not disturbing as they had been. The GeoResonators are quite amazing at calming down the whole neighborhood, smart meters, wi-fi, high tension electrical wires and electrical boxes that are placed every other home.

S. Broderick, FL

Wow what a difference in our neighborhood after planting the GeoResonators. Our property is filled with benevolent energy and we noticed a lot of the birds have returned.

Stan Kalson, MA

The GeoResonators we planted around our property is helping.  I do feel calmer and the physical symptoms; like chest heaviness and poor sleep have changed. It is so amazing how much we have been helped.

D Palone, Palm Coast FL

We put four GeoResonators on the four corners of our yard — we were thinking about our kids, who spend all day out there…we saw this as extra protection, because we live in a pretty built up area. We noticed that...more kids would come play here than ever before (we were suddenly the fun yard!). (Also) our flower garden produced twice the blooms. We don’t like using chemical fertilizers, and I swear, I thought somebody had put some in without my knowing until we realized it was probably your device. I have been telling everybody about this product. Thank you!

CL, Idaho

Food Liquid Energizer

I love the Food/Liquid Energizer. I place all my foods and vitamins on it and really notice the energizing effect!

A. Lombardo, Arizona

My friend and I used the Food/Liquid Energizer at dinner. We couldn’t believe the difference in the water that had been treated with the FLE versus the water that had not. The untreated water smelled so strongly of chlorine and tasted just as bad. The treated water had been totally transformed. There was no chlorine smell, the texture of the water was smooth, and it tasted great.

J. Carnes, Minnesota

I find my Energizer makes everything better, but what really blows me away is my improved digestion. This product just brings more harmony to the eating experience. I love it!

P. Cooper, Washington

VitaPlex EMF Protection Pendant

I started wearing the VitaPlex pendant and within a short time I literally jumped to a whole new level of energy and vitality. It was unmistakable and such a surprise.

O. Mishum, IL

The VitapLex feels so very harmonizing - both calming and energizing at the same time. I love this and wear it all the time. Thank you so much for this incredible product.

J. Loch Portland OR

I have been using your VitaPlex product now for several months. I have osteoarthritis and have noticed a marked improvement. Typically I was taking Naproxen at least three times per week to help with pain. I now have only had to take it once this month. This is a huge help keeping me pain free. I am so pleased with your product.  I am telling all my friends about it! Thank you!

S. Marshall, Michigan

I recently purchased a VitaPlex pendant to help with the electromagnetic fields where I work and got more than that. I injured my wrist on the job two years ago, and in addition to working with the EMFs by wearing the VitaPlex, I have found that the wrist pain has subsided completely. How amazing!

M Jenson, New York

I am wearing my VitaPlex right now and depend upon it every day to keep my vitality up.

D. Pebesma, CO

As soon as I put the VitaPlex pendant on, my energy increased a lot. I felt like I could go and go. I wear it all the time and depend on it every day to keep my vitality up. This was such a joyful surprise as I needed the help with my energy and it just changed so much for the better.

J. Tatum, California

Smart Patch

I have to use my cellular phone constantly, but I would feel queasy in my stomach every time I was on a call for a long period of time. Since putting on the Smart Patch, that feeling is gone. It’s made a huge difference!

A. Estates, Canada

I personally know somebody in my office — a major cell phone user — who was diagnosed with a tumor on the side of his head where his phone would always be. It freaked me out. I know when I talk on my mobile for a while, I can feel the heat of it. But I’m a real estate agent with two teenagers, so ditching my phone is not an option, and the kids would never even consider it. So thanks for these Smart Patches. I’ve been looking for something like this, and it makes me feel good that you have actual research...I appreciate the work and research you’ve put into this. And your prompt shipping!

J Carlson, New Jersey

I am electro-sensitive and have been having heart palpitations due to the bad wi-fi in the portable telephones and (routers for) computers and televisions...I used your SafeSpace Adapter. It corrected the smart meter (installed without notice) that started my health crises to begin with…Now the smart meter is no longer a problem!

G. Finchley, Florida

Vehicle Adapter

I’m a chauffeur, so I spend hours behind the wheel, and I’d often feel exhausted while driving. The growing fatigue and monotony on the job was troubling, not to mention unsafe. My wife ordered your device and stuck it to the case I carry into the car at the start of my day, and since then I have noticed more alertness and a more even mood when interacting with my clients. This is significant given my profession.

S. Townley, Illinois

Radiant Room

When I picked up the Radiant Room and closed my eyes, I was amazed. I felt its field instantly: its unmistakable 'flavor' of light and sweetness reminded me of a lovely meditation hall or sacred place.

G. Satten, Minnesota

My wife and I both started experiencing insomnia and stress as soon as we moved into our new condo. At first we thought we needed a new mattress, but that didn’t make a bit of difference. We tried melatonin, milk before bed, you name it. Then we heard a radio program on EMFs, and we started looking out the windows at all the electrical stuff, and all the gadgets around our bed. Your company came up best in our research, and since we added the SafeSpace EMF Adapter in our living room and Radiant Room next to our bed, we’ve slept like babies, and we wake up refreshed. It’s changed our lives.

V. Wortham, Maine

I have experienced several mysterious symptoms over the past few years which I can now attribute to harmful electromagnetic sensitivity: mental fatigue, hot flashes, visual problems (loss of clarity), nausea and general yuckiness. When I put your products in my home (the EMF Adapter and Radiant Room) I felt like a very dark cloud was lifting off me! I know you probably get this all the time, but it really was like a miracle!

L. Connell, Georgia

EMF Adapter

Since putting EMF Adapter into our kitchen three months ago, we have noticed a significant shift in its ambience. It feels much brighter and the energy lighter, and I don’t get so weary anymore. This has been confirmed by visitors (young and mature) who spontaneously comment on the feeling they receive there. We treated our whole home, but the kitchen is where we really notice it.

J. Lewin, Australia

I put your EMF Adapter plug in my office, and I was surprised how my physical and mental literally energy increased—the very same day! Since then, I no longer have to take naps, my creativity is at a higher level, and my general health even seems improved. I extend my deepest gratitude to you for developing this product. I certainly would not be without it.

S. Siemoens, New York

I recently received the SafeSpace EMF Adapter. I was already treating my house with other products, so I was skeptical. I didn’t expect to notice a difference. Immediately upon putting the plug in place, I felt more relaxed, as if my house was suddenly enveloped in a protective bubble. I am very impressed with the product and intend to recommend it to many of my clients and friends. This is a product that works!

J. Tattum, Florida

My partner and I felt like we were being microwaved having wi-fi and all the rest in our home. He finally started getting headaches and severe insomnia, and we bought the EMF Adapter. What an immediate difference we felt! Our environment felt calm and balanced, and the bad health effects went gone right away. Also we each bought the Safe Space II and wear them constantly...Thank you for these products that greatly helped our health. They really work!

C. Stroud, California
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